Abstract submission

We cordially invite you to submit your abstracts for poster and/or oral presentations to the International Congress of Andrology 2020. We are looking forward to receiving your contributions for the scientific programme and would like to thank you in advance for your support! Abstracts that have been accepted by the programme organising committee will be published within the abstract book as special issue of Andrology (Wiley).

For those participants who will not be able to be physically present at our congress, we are checking virtual options to join the meeting. There will be digital forms for oral and/or poster presentation.

Thank you for submitting your results from research and practice on the following main topics:

• Advanced Techniques in Andrology
• Assisted Reproduction and Fertility Preservation
• Endocrinology
• (Epi-)Genetics in Andrology
• Germ Cell Biology and Spermatology
• Male Hypogonadism
• Male Infertility and Reproductive Health
• Male Reproductive Organ Function and Physiology
• Oncological Andrology
• Other
• Sexual Medicine and Male Sexual Health
• Testicular Cell Biology and Stem Cells

Specific Topics
Androgens and Steroidogenesis
Animal Reproduction
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Chinese and Alternative Medicine
Cryopreservation of sperm and testicular tissue
Environmental and toxic exposures
Epididymis and sperm maturation and storage
Ethical Aspects in Andrology
Fertility Preservation
Fertility Prediction
Genetics and epigenetics: clinical aspects
Genetics and epigenetics: basic aspects
Germ cell biology
Male Hypogonadism
Imaging in Andrology
Lifelong Care
Male (In-)Fertility
Male contraception and Family planning
Metabolic aspects in Andrology
Novel technologies in Andrology
Omics in Andrology
Diseases of accessory glands and penis
Policies, Standards and Practice Management
Prostate Cancer
Psychology and Mental Health
Puberty and Adolescene
Semen Analysis
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Sperm Biology
Sperm preparation and selection
Surgical and Uro-Andrology
Testicular Biopsy and Histology
Testicular Communication
Testicular and epididymal immunology
Testicular stem cells and niches
Testis Anatomy and Cell Biology
Testis Cancer
Testis development and puberty
The Ageing Male

Please click here to submit your abstract online.

The deadline for the abstract submission is 6 September 2020!

Travel grants

Following the scoring of the abstracts of all applicants, ISA, EAA and DGA are offering travel grants as follows:

Travel grants for members of member societies of the International Society of Andrology (ISA)
- ISA is offering 5000 EUR

NYRA members applying for ISA travel grants
- ISA is offering 1500 EUR for NYRA participant.

Travel grant for members of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA)
- The EAA sponsors 10 travel grants of 500 EUR each for young participants (Members of EAA) with an abstract.

Travel grant for members of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andrology (DGA)
- The DGA sponsors 5 travel grants of 500 EUR each for DGA members.

Application for one of these travel grants is possible through abstract submission.


After reviewing all submitted abstracts, authors will be informed about the decision. Accepted abstracts will be either presented as oral or poster presentations.


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