Digital session format

1. Plenary lectures
Please note that a combination of recorded and live presentations is possible – depending on the speaker's preference.

Technical requirements for pre-recorded lectures
Please see 2. (a) – f)) below.

2. Oral lectures
Please note that oral lectures will be pre-recorded for the congress.

Technical requirements
a) Please prepare your presentation in a 16:9 (landscape) format and in English language in PowerPoint. If applicable, please state any potential conflict of interest on the first or last slide of your presentation.
b) Please try to integrate your webcam during the recording so that your picture is above your presentation when discussing the recording. Alternatively, you can also include an image of you in the presentation so that you are visible on all slides if possible.
c) Please be aware of the presented amount of time! You can find your lecture time at the online programme
d) Please record your talk. You are free to choose the program for recording your contribution. We recommend Microsoft PowerPoint from 2019 or Office 365 for recording your contribution with a webcam, which works on Mac or Windows. You can find an instructional video for this under the following link:
> To the tutorial

In older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, only sound can be recorded. You can find instructions for this under the following link:
> Click here for sound only recording

In addition, the following services can be used:
- OBS saves your presentation locally on your computer. It is an open source recording tool. Since the tool can also be used for live streaming, the handling is a bit more complicated. However, it is worth installing it if you need to record lectures more often in the future.
> To the tutorial
> To download OBS

- LOOM stores your recording(s) on servers in the cloud. With this program you can record lectures up to 5 minutes for free (perfect for ePoster lectures with speaking time up to 5min). However, a one-time 14-day trial version can be used to create unlimited videos (without automatic subscription). For Windows and Mac.
Note: the activation page is somewhat hidden. Just follow this link:
> To download LOOM

- Mac users can record their contribution using QuickTime Player. However, no webcam can be integrated here.
> To the instructions

e) Notes on recording:
- Test microphone and webcam settings before recording
- If possible, do the recording in daylight or another suitable light source
- Avoid ambient noise; remove sources of interference (telephone, pets, etc.)
- recording in small / non-empty rooms (carpet has a positive influence on the sound quality)
- Please enter your name in the footer of your presentation ("Insert"> "Header and Footer").
If you have any questions regarding the preparation of your presentation, please contact us at helpdesk-speaker@conventus.de.

3. Poster presenters
Please note that posters will be presented in two ways: a) in a poster presentation during a live poster session and b) as an actual ePoster file in a self-study area on the website of the digital conference.

Technical requirements for
a) Poster presentation
Please prepare the slides for your presentation in a 16:9 format. You can use maximally 2 slides. You do not need to record your presentations since you are going to present your poster live. The presentation can be submitted promptly to our upload center. All authors will receive a separate e-mail with all access data for online submission.

b) ePoster file for self-study area
The ePoster should be provided in a horizontal format 16:9 (resolution at least 3840x2160 pixel, 72 dpi). File: JPG, PDF or PPTX (1 slide). The presentation can be submitted promptly to our upload center. All authors will receive a separate e-mail with all access data for online submission.
Please use the following template for preparation:

ePoster Template


Please also note in this context that if authors cannot attend the poster session on 8 December due to the time difference, they can pre-record your presentation (max. 3 minutes) and hand it in along with their poster file. The video will not be presented in the session, but it will be accessible within the self-study area of the digital conference platform. Authors who want to hand in a pre-recorded video for the self-study area and still want to present their poster live during the session on 8 December, are also welcome to do so, of course. For further information on how to record a presentation, see above at 2.