Scientific programme

The preliminary programme* is now available.

Presentations and talks will be spread across

•    Androgens and Steroidogenesis
•    Animal Reproduction
•    Assisted Reproductive Technology
•    Chinese and Alternative Medicine
•    Cryopreservation of sperm and testicular tissue
•    Environmental and toxic exposures
•    Epididymis and sperm maturation and storage
•    Ethical Aspects in Andrology
•    Fertility prediction and preservation
•    Genetics and epigenetics: basic and clinical aspects
•    Germ cell biology
•    HPG-Axis
•    Male Hypogonadism
•    Imaging in Andrology
•    Lifelong Care
•    Male (In-)Fertility
•    Male contraception and Family planning
•    Metabolic aspects in Andrology
•    Novel technologies in Andrology
•    Omics in Andrology
•    Diseases of accessory glands and penis
•    Policies, Standards and Practice Management
•    Prostate Cancer
•    Psychology and Mental Health
•    Semen Analysis
•    Sexually Transmitted Disease
•    Sperm Biology
•    Sperm preparation and selection
•    Spermatogenesis
•    Surgical and Uro-Andrology
•    Testicular Biopsy and Histology
•    Testicular Communication
•    Testicular and epididymal immunology
•    Testicular stem cells and niches
•    Testis Anatomy and Cell Biology
•    Testis Cancer
•    Testis development and puberty
•    The Ageing Male
•    Transgender

*Please note that the programme is subject to changes and updated frequently.