Welcome note

Local Organiser

Stefan Schlatt
Sabine Kliesch

Dear Friends and Members of the Andrology community.

It is a great honour for us to act as Local Organizers of the Andrology 2020 meeting. We greatly appreciate that the International Society of Andrology, the European Academy of Andrology and the German Society of Andrology decided to organize a joint meeting bringing together our entire community. It was with great pleasure to accept the task for organizing this event in our hometown, the city of Münster, which has always been a hub for our field.

As you all know the year 2020 creates an extra challenge in organizing an international gathering. Therefore, the meeting had to be re-organized and is now presented as a hybrid meeting. When circumstances allow the DGA organizes his annual meeting in Münster on December 5 and 6. The international community comes together on December 6 – 9 as a digital conference organized by ISA, EAA and DGA.

We are glad to work together with Conventus as our meeting organizer. We and Conventus have formed a fantastic team with the Program Organizing committee (POC) chairs, the boards of the three organizing Societies and a highly motivated local organizing team (LOC). A very interesting program has been created by the POC. Many scientists have accepted our invitation to give digital presentations at the meeting. As an outcome, broad perspectives for our field are laid out in plenaries and symposia to be explored and discussed. We invite everyone to glimpse through the preliminary program available on the webpage (www.andrology2020.de/programme/scientific-programme). We are thankful that every committee member is enthusiastically working to make our meeting a success. Currently, we are asking all invited speakers to accept a change of the presentation mode to a digital format.

The abstract submission and registration site are open. The abstract submission deadline was extended until September 13, 2020.

We sincerely hope that you support our scientific community and that you will join the Andrology 2020 meeting in an inspiring, as well as convenient and safe way.

See you at Andrology 2020. Stefan Schlatt and Sabine Kliesch

Programme Organising Committee

Lee Smith
Aleksander Giwercman
Hermann M. Behre

One Congress - Three Program Organizing Committees

An excellent scientific program is a backbone of each successful congress, why there always rests a big responsibility on the shoulders of the POC. The POC work prior to Andrology 2020 has been unique in the sense that three POCs, representing the three large andrological societies, were working closely together, the ambition being to create an exciting, multi-faceting and innovative program – linking together in a translational concept the interests of clinicians, clinical researchers, laboratory experts and basic scientists.

To merge 3 POCs representing different organizations is a challenge but also a great opportunity. The task was to set up a program with clear fingerprints of EAA, ISA and DGA as considers the structure and the content of the program. However, this apparent obstacle was clearly overweighed by the unique opportunities created by working together in a large team of colleagues with different areas of expertise, broad national and international networks but, first of all, a lot of creativity and enthusiasm.

Be sure that we – for all parts of the program – have tried to find an exciting mixture of internationally acknowledged speakers. We hope that all of you will find, at least, parts of the program being attractive.

Many thanks to all our hardworking POC members and also to the LOC and the European Society of Andrological Urology for a great collaboration.

Hope to see you all at our digital meeting in December 2020.

Lee Smith – Chairman of the ISA POC
Aleksander Giwercman – Chairman of the EAA POC
Hermann M. Behre – Chairman of the DGA POC


Andreas Meinhardt
Csilla Krausz
Sabine Kliesch

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to this major event in the field of Andrology, a congress jointly organized by the International Society of Andrology (ISA), the European Academy of Andrology (EAA) and the German Society of Andrology (DGA). This combined meeting provides a unique forum for exchange among clinicians, basic and clinical researchers in andrology, andrological urology and related fields. Thus, the congress offers an ideal opportunity for all andrological subspecialties to foster broad exchange of ideas and collaborations. The International Society of Andrology with its world-wide web of member societies, the European Academy of Andrology with leading European academicians and a strong German Society of Andrology will ensure that all facets of andrology will be reflected in an exciting scientific program. Besides top-level speakers, the program leaves much opportunity for active participation of the attendee by short oral presentations and a poster session central in the program.

It is due to the immense effort and flexibility of the local organizers and Conventus that the 12th ICA, 11th ECA will be staged electronically, different than originally planned, but in an effort that facilitates participation, particularly from overseas delegates. Let us embark together to an exciting and pioneering event in andrology.

We hope to welcome you to Andrology 2020.


Andreas Meinhardt
-President of the International Society of Andrology- 

Csilla Krausz
-President of the European Academy of Andrology 

Sabine Kliesch
-President of the German Society of Andrology