About Münster

Münster – enchantingly old, excitingly young

© Presseamt Münster/Tilman Roßmöller

A fashionable nightspot within mediaeval walls. The Picasso Museum in a Westphalian aristocratic town house. Gems of baroque architecture rubbing shoulders with icons of contemporary building. Over 60 sculptures as reminders of the "skulptur projekte", which every ten years makes Münster a magnet for the art scene. Cosy, traditional pubs, and stylish “in” places in the canal docks area. It is this mix that gives Münster its charm: The combination of venerable history and cosmopolitan modernity.

In 1648, with the Peace of Westphalia, European history was made in Münster’s Historic Town Hall; in 1773, the first university in Westphalia was created here - the starting point for today’s science city, with no fewer than 50,000 students.

Why Münster numbers among the “Historic Highlights of Germany” immediately becomes clear on Prinzipalmarkt: Here, the gables of the merchants’ houses create a breathtaking silhouette, while under the arcades below, elegant stores attract people to look and buy. And just around the corner, in the shadow of Münster’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, is the site of the twice-weekly market, one of the loveliest in Europe. The Old Town also provides a wonderful stage setting: from the traditional “Hanseatic Repast” to the Museum Festival, from the Münsterland Giro cycle race to the Marathon run, from cultural events along the city’s river Aa to musical outdoor entertainment on the Promenade. While the baroque palace provides a perfect backdrop for top stars of international opera, top stars of equestrian sport and top stars of the local culinary scene.

But amid all the bustle, it is easily possible - especially, in "Germany’s cycling capital", by bike - to find green spaces: On the Promenade, in the Schlossgarten, by the Aasee Lake. And over a delicious latte macchiato, you can then decide: Which of the 30 museums to visit? Take a guided tour in the footsteps of the Anabaptists? Drink a traditional “Altbier” outside the Kiepenkerl tavern or a cocktail down at the Kreativ-Kai (Creative Quay)? Or come back for another visit very soon indeed?

Information: www.tourismus.muenster.de